Newest Music - Views - 2017

My newest cd, "Views", is completed, physical product and downloads are now available. It's an eclectic exploration, incorporating jazz and symphonic elements, featuring Scott Kinsey - keyboards (Tribal Tech), Alex Acuna and Manolo Badrena - drums and percussion (Weather Report), Othello Molineaux - steel drum (Jaco Pastorius), Nicky Orta  - fretless bass (Arturo Sandoval), The Fuoco Quartet (Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians: Bob Cafaro - cello, Ying Fu - violin, Davyd Booth - violin, Burchard Tang - viola), Dave Calarco - drums, Chuck D'Aloia - guitar, Jason Rogers - harmonica, Dan Dobek - piano and concertina, Jack Kulp - fretless bass, Otto Gardner - acoustic bass, Rebecca Sutter - vocals, didgeridoo, Rich Lamanna - soprano sax, synthophone. There are a few pieces uploaded to the sitewide player, El Cafetal, Singularity, Durty Weather and Palisades, along with a few tracks from my other cds.

Track List
El Cafetal - R. Lamanna
Palisades - R. Lamanna
Singularity - R. Lamanna
Durty Weather - R. Lamanna
Port of Francesca - R. Lamanna
Fishing in Outer Space (with Mr. Tiggs) - R. Lamanna
Bahia Mia - R. Lamanna
Home - R. Lamanna
Sky at Night - R. Lamanna
Mowgli - R. Lamanna
Biejo Braziliero - R. Lamanna
Phobologic - R. Lamanna

Dystonified - 2007

Recorded live at the Van Dyck, Chuck D'Aloia - Guitar, Rich Lamanna - Synthophone, Kenwood Dennard - Drums and Otto Gardner - Acoustic Bass

Track List
Run Can't Hide - R. Lamanna
All Blues - M. Davis
Invitation - Kaper/Washington
Freedom Jazz Dance - E. Harris

Chelsea Bridge - B. Strayhorn
Softly - Hammerstein/Romberg
Maiden Voyage - H. Hancock

Introspective - 2000

My debut project featuring Othello Molineaux - steel drum, Alex Acuna and Chris Garabedian - percussion, Kenwood Dennard and Reggie Evans - drums, Chuck D'Aloia - guitar, Rich Lamanna - alto and soprano sax, Otmaro Ruiz, Dan Dobek and Pat Georger - keyboards, Jack Kulp and Paul Othon - basses

Track List
You Just Left - R. Lamanna
Morning - R. Lamanna
JacoPastOverus - R. Lamanna, J. Kulp
Giant Steps - J. Coltrane
Obturation - R. Lamanna
Moose The Mooch - C. Parker
Hopetown - R. Lamanna
Black and Blues - R. Lamanna